Extra special offers from Swift on 2024 models, Special Elegance Grande prices For a great deal and the earliest availability for your new Caravan. Terrific SALE on our used caravans too!

Coachman Caravans

  • With five ranges exclusively for 2024. Each Coachman caravan is built to exacting standards using state-of-the-art construction methods and materials and finished with the highest levels of specification and features.
  • Made in the UK
    All Coachman caravans are built in the UK.

Swift Caravans

  • Made in the UK
    All Swift caravans are built in the UK site in East Yorkshire.
  • 55 and counting
    With over 55 years experience to become the innovative, forward-thinking.
  • Award winning products
    Swift regularly top the charts amongst industry experts and caravan club members alike.
  • Aftercare
    Swift continue to help protect the future of your leisure vehicle, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Long-term warranties
    Helping your perfect leisure vehicle deliver great holidays for longer with comprehensive warranties.
  • Swift Superior Standard
    Committed to manufacturing excellence and are the market leader in a number of fields.


New caravan manufactures warranties.

All new caravans come with manufactures warranties. Details of the coverage, length and what is included can be found by following these links:

Swift: https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/owners/warranty/

Coachman:  https://www.coachman.co.uk/warranty  





Our accessory shop

We have a large shop on site where we have just about everything you’ll ever need for a great holiday.

Please call us for further details 01603 755489.